For Solace

It’s heavily snowing in my city. Welcome to the doldrums of winter, everybody. When the outside bleakness starts to creep its way into our sinews and marrow. Surely I’m not the only one who savours this season a little bit. When your mind starts wandering farther than usual and starts dreaming. It’s an eerie state, one that has a lot to offer artistically.

I wrote For Solace with the themes of meaning and vocation spiralling about my head. It’s about the struggle of an artist who cannot find the energy or time to work on their calling. This is, I believe, a universal theme for all who have been cursed with the urge to create.

Our lives are messy, we slice bread and spill wine at the dinner table. We balance newborns with the stresses of work. The schedule fills up and beauty is left to the vultures. We burn out, realize we messed up, then do it all again.

In a lot of ways, For Solace (releasing March 14th) is a prayer. It’s a desperate cry for hope in bleakness, a desire for change – the coming of the solstice.

For Solace artwork, taken at the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate

I deeply hope that this song is a solstice for you, an evening vesper for your weary soul.

I’m excited to release it on March 14th!

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