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Merry New Year 

Thank you all for a lovely musical year! It's been fantastic being able to serve with music. 

There are some new things coming up the pipe this year so stay tuned! I am very excited.

Joseph Tennant

Stories From the Landscape out April 25th 

Hello my good friends!

I am over the moon to say that we are two days away from the release of my new album. It's a folk record full of storytelling and emotion. The trajectory of the record follows the season of winter and the bleakness that it causes to take root in our lives. Because we are physical beings the seasons become engrained into our lives. We get cynical and cranky during the winter as the cold oppresses our souls and we begin to realize that we need help, that left to our own devices we are crappy people who are simply lost. The record ends on an element of brutal honesty and a glimmer of hope.

I truly hope that you enjoy it,

Joseph Tennant

We're live! 

I've been meaning to get into this blogging thing for a while now. I'm hoping that this will be a place where I can show you all a bit more of the process of being an artist. Where I can share ideas and news.

Stick around, it's an angry world out there.

-joseph tennant

Stories from the Landscape

Joseph Tennant

Stories from the Landscape chronicles a long winter. As the outside cold begins to turn one bitter the beauty of a once gorgeous landscape becomes monotonous and the season becomes a prison sentence. The stories and songs represented in this album are meant to hold the hand of a listener through seasons of death and sorrow. These five quirky folk songs have the ability to transport the listener to a vastly different emotional landscape, shedding small rays of hope on the dark season of winter.
Stories from the Landscape is a salve for a bitter winter's day, a reminder that spring is on its way.
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