Upcoming Music: Mutineer

Hey there!

I’ve got a new tune coming up very soon (on the 16th of November, to be exact). It’s called Mutineer and it was a joy to write and produce. I am honestly elated that I have an opportunity to share my art with the world and I sincerely hope that it is enjoyed. I’ve got the artwork just below if you want a sneak peak.


It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. I apologize for that.

In the background I’ve been slowly plugging away at some new pieces of work that range from singles, to an album, to a small chapbook of pandemic thoughts. As an artist and poet it’s my dream to make something that breaks the firmament of fiction and stirs a bruised soul. If my work does this for you, in any way, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m listening.

I’m still here, my heart won’t shut the hell up so I guess I’ve still got lots to write, record, and make. Stay with me.