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Join me on my creative journey. I decided to provide a vehicle for those interested in engaging with my art in a different, more interactive way. I am honoured that you are considering joining me and am so excited to see where we go. Your support will help me cultivate, create, and share my artwork in ways that I wouldn't be able to without you.

The rewards for patrons are:

  • My current discography &¬†future releases
  • Unheard & unreleased music
  • Exclusive access to livestreams
  • Merch discounts and the occasional free item.
  • Access to our exclusive discord server
  • Song chord sheets
  • And more as this idea grows

The rewards for creatives are:

  • All of the above
  • Songwriting articles, ideas, and advice
  • Guitar video lessons
  • Sheet music
  • Arrangement ideas and discussions
  • Opportunities to collaborate
  • And more as this idea grows